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Genetic Diagnostic Tests

Test NamesSampleResult Time
Covid-19 Real Time Pcr TestNose Throat Swab3 Hours
Ncov-19 (Sars-Cov-2) Igg/Igm AntibodyYellow Gel Tube1 Day
Anti-Spike Cov-2 Igg AntibodyYellow Gel Tube1 Day
Chromosome Analysis From Peripheral BloodHeparinized Blood Sample7 Days
Analysis Of Chromosome From Abortion MaterialTransport Medium10-15 Days
Chromosome Analysis From AmniocenethesisInjector10-15 Days
Chromosome Analysis From CvsInjector10-15 Days
Pgd ​​/ Fish (Up To 20 Embr.)Blastomer Embryo24 Hours
Pgs (Single Embr.)Blastomer EmbryoAsk Information
Trofektoderm Pgd Fish (Up To 20 Embr.)Blastomer Embryo24 Hours
Pgt Single Gene Sequence AnalysisBlastomer EmbryoAsk Information
WesEdta Blood Sample60 Days
DmdEdta Blood Sample30 Days
ArrayEdta Blood Sample20-25 Days
Thrombophia SingleEdta Blood Sample7 Days
Thrombophia 5 PieceEdta Blood Sample7 Days
Thrombophia 12 PieceEdta Blood Sample7 Days
Y MicrodeletionEdta Blood Sample7 Days
Beta Thalassemia 12 MutationsEdta Blood Sample7 Days
SmaEdta Blood Sample3 Days
Brca 1 - 2 Gene AnalysisEdta Blood Sample40-45 Days
Brca MlpaEdta Blood Sample40-45 Days
Jak 2 Gene MutationEdta Blood Sample7 Days
Fmf (26 Mutation Analysis)Edta Blood Sample7 Days
Hla B 27 PcrEdta Blood Sample7 Days
Hla B 57 PcrEdta Blood Sample7 Days
Hla B51 PcrEdta Blood Sample7 Days
Hla 52 PcrEdta Blood Sample7 Days
Hla B 5 PcrEdta Blood Sample7 Days
NiceEdta Blood Sample25-30 Days
Sperm Dna Damage DetectionSterile Container3 Days
Amnion FishInjector10-15 Days
Sperm FishSterile Container3 Days
Testes Biopsy FishSterile Container3 Days
Cvs FishInjector10-15 Days
Cancer PanelEdta Blood Sample60 Days
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We offer genetic analysis and clinical consultancy services at the highest technology and quality standards, using the most up-to-date scientific knowledge, diagnosis and treatment methods.

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