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Preconception Genetic Screening Test

Preconception Counseling and Screening Tests

Couples who want to have a child and are planning and preparing to have a healthy child should receive pre-pregnancy counseling and have a genetic screening test. These tests, which will be performed by taking blood from the mother and father; It provides precautions against possible diseases during pregnancy and problems that may occur after birth.

Preconception Genetic Screening Test

Importance of Pre-Pregnancy Genetic Screening Test

Pre-pregnancy genetic testing can detect a significant number of genetic diseases. It helps to reveal genetic disorders and chromosomal anomalies that may be seen in the baby. It is even possible to perform medical treatments during pregnancy.

Pre-Pregnancy Genetic Screening Tests

The transmission of an identified genetic disease from the family to the children can be prevented if it is known before pregnancy.

Carriage of genetic diseases is common in our country. It is very important for every couple, whether related or not, to consult a medical geneticist before planning a pregnancy.

What are Pre-Pregnancy Genetic Screening Tests?

Genetic tests we recommend before pregnancy;

  • Chromosome Analysis,
  • SMA Carrier Screening Test,
  • Thrombophilia Panel,
  • Y Chromosome Microdeletion Test,
  • Tests such as Thalassemia Disease.

After genetic counseling, family history, age and health status of individuals determine which tests will be performed.

How is a Pre-Pregnancy Genetic Screening Test Performed?

These tests, which will be performed by taking blood from the mother and father, are completed within 7 to 15 days in our center according to different working methods.

Which diseases are detected in the pre-pregnancy genetic test?

In the chromosome analysis performed before pregnancy, it is determined whether there is any chromosomal anamoly. With the SMA carrier test, the presence of genes that cause SMA disease is checked. If there is carrier status, healthy embryos are selected by PGD and transferred to the mother.

With the thrombophilia panel, the presence of blood clotting gene mutation is checked. If there is a problem in any of the 12 genes affecting blood clotting, blood thinners should be used under the supervision of a doctor.

Otherwise, blood clotting can lead to non-pregnancy, miscarriage or stillbirth. The Y chromosome microdeletion test checks whether the Y chromosome carries a deletion. The thalassemia test detects the presence of genes that cause Mediterranean anemia.

Pre-pregnancy Genetic Screening Test Prices?

The test prices that should be performed before pregnancy are not as costly as it is thought. With the genetic counseling received from our center, the most appropriate tests are planned for individuals, taking into account their family history. For test fees, you can get information from our WhatsApp line at +90532 746 93 36 or by e-mail.

When is the result of the pre-pregnancy genetic screening test available?

Pre-pregnancy genetic tests, working times vary between 7 and 15 days after the samples reach our center.

Pre-Pregnancy Genetic Testing

Couples who undergo genetic testing before pregnancy are given pregnancy planning according to the results. If there is no problem in all genetic tests, spontaneous conception is possible. If there is a problem in one or more of the genetic tests, pregnancy planning should be done by IVF, in vitro fertilization method.

Are pre-pregnancy genetic tests performed in public hospitals?

SMA and Thalassemia, which are among the tests that must be performed before pregnancy, are among the compulsory tests that must be performed before marriage.

However, Chromosome Analysis test, Y chromosome Microdeletion Test, Thrombophilia Panel Tests are not in this group. These tests are performed in research hospitals after pregnancies that end with any disease, repeated miscarriage and stillbirth.

Where is the pre-pregnancy genetic screening test performed?

Genetic tests that must be performed before pregnancy are performed in private genetic diagnosis centers, and SMA and Thalassemia tests that must be performed compulsorily are performed in family health centers. You can have pre-pregnancy genetic screening tests done in Ankara Genetic Diseases Evaluation Center in the most accurate, reliable and fastest way with its more than 20 years of experience and expert staff.

Update Date: 31.05.2022
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