Embryo Selection Turkey

Embryo Selection Turkey

What is Embryo Selection?

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD); It is a method that enables the hereditary and genetic examination of embryos. Thanks to embryo selection, a large number of embryos can develop in the treatments applied for parents in the risk group.

In embryo selection, genetic evaluation of a single cell taken from the embryo and selection of the best quality healthy embryo is ensured to prevent the possibility of risk. If there is a chromosomal disorder in either or both of the people, embryo selection should be made.

Is Embryo Selection Only for IVF Patients?

If the family received a free genetic counseling at Ankara Genetic Diagnosis Center and Ankara Genetic decided that people need embryo selection genetically, embryo selection should be made by choosing the right physician and starting the in vitro fertilization treatment process.

If there is a problem in the genetically defined gene level or chromosomal structure in the mother or father candidate, it is possible for them to reach the healthy child they want in Ankara Genetic.

Embryo selection for spontaneous pregnancy is not possible. In vitro fertilization treatment is decided only according to the hereditary history of the family. If a spontaneous pregnancy has started, you can learn the genetics of your baby at the 10th week, 12th week, 16th week or 20th week at Ankara Genetic.

Who is Embryo Selection Made for?

  • To expectant mothers over 36 years old,
  • To mothers who could not conceive despite one or more IVF applications,
  • Couples with recurrent pregnancy loss and miscarriage,
  • Couples with translocation carriers,
  • Couples who have a child with a genetic disease in their previous pregnancy,
  • To mothers with a history of pregnancy with aneuploidy (chromosomal disorder),
  • Individuals with male infertility,
  • Persons with consanguineous marriage,
  • To families who decided to choose an embryo at Ankara Genetics.

What Are the Benefits of Embryo Selection?

  • If you choose embryos in IVF Selection, your chance of success will increase,
  • Embryo selection reduces the risk of pregnancy resulting in miscarriage,
  • Embryo selection reduces the risk of medical termination of pregnancy,
  • Embryo selection reduces the multiple pregnancy rate,
  • Embryo selection reduces the financial burden and psychological pressure caused by repeated unsuccessful IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) attempts,
  • If you want to have a healthy child, you should choose an embryo.

Blastomer Biopsy, Genetic Examination of Embryo

In this method, a cell of the embryo is taken on the 3rd day of its development and genetically examined. After the embryo biopsy performed by experienced hands, the embryo immediately compensates for the missing cell and continues to grow without any damage. The examined cell shows whether the embryo carries a genetic problem. Only embryos that are found to be genetically normal are transferred to the patient.

The embryo contains about 6-8 cells on the 3rd day of its development. Each of these cells, called blastomeres, acts as a stem cell and constitutes a source for new cells that will turn into completely different organs and tissues in the further development of the embryo. Removal of one or two of these cells does not affect the further development of the embryo. The remaining cells immediately compensate for this deficiency and continue their development. Since all cells have the capacity to transform into different tissues, no tissue or organ deficiency is observed.

This cell is sent for genetic analysis. The genetic makeup of the cell will exactly reflect the embryo. If the cell is evaluated as genetically abnormal or faulty, this embryo will not be transferred, and in this way, the transfer of an embryo that does not have a chance to attach to the uterus, and which may cause an unhealthy pregnancy even if it does, will not be transferred.

It is accepted that the most suitable period for genetic examination is the 3rd day. Since the examined cell will exactly reflect the embryo, errors arising from both the egg and the sperm will be observed, unlike the polar body biopsy.

Will the embryo be damaged during the biopsy?

It is accepted that a biopsy performed by hand does not adversely affect embryo development. It is accepted that the risk of the embryo being damaged and degenerated from the procedure is around 1%.

Aneuploidy Screening with FISH Method

FISH (Flouurecent In Situ Hybridisation) is a technology that enables the numerical testing of certain chromosomes in the egg or embryo. With this technique, in which the chromosomes in the embryo are scanned numerically, 5 different chromosomes can be tested. 13, 18, 21, X and Y chromosomes can be tested with the FISH method. These chromosomes include miscarriages, implantation failures, and common syndromes (such as Down syndrome).

How Many Types of Embryo Selection (PGT)?

The types of Embryo Selection (PGT) are;

  2. PGS Preimplantation Genetic Screening
  3. PGD for Single Gene Diseases


After the necessary preliminary preparation is made in the IVF Center, the eggs and sperm are taken from the mother and father candidates who start IVF treatment to create the embryo. The day we call "opu" when the eggs are collected is considered as day 0. On the day of Opu, the sperm and egg are fertilized in the appropriate microscopic environment with the embryologist in the IVF center.

The embryos formed are observed in incubators at maternal body temperature. On the 3rd day, the formed embryo becomes 2³=8 cells and at this stage of its development, a single cell, namely the blastomere, is taken under the microscope.

After the blastomer is taken into containers called Dish under appropriate conditions, Private Ankara Genetic Diagnosis Center puts these dishes in the center very carefully. For the selection of embryos for each blastomere, fixation and genetic examinations are initiated with the help of high-tech devices in the laboratory. As a result of careful work lasting 6 to 12 hours, the embryo selection process is concluded no matter how many embryos there are. 4th or 5th day transfer is carried out to the expectant mother, accompanied by the result they received in the evening of the same day.

The genetic result is conveyed to the IVF center to the expectant mother and to the obstetrician who will perform the procedure. 13,18,21, which shows the most important mental retardation in this genetic examination. Chromosomes are being studied.

In PGT FISH and also in Ankara Genetics, the translocation of the patients whose translocation is detected in which chromosomes is determined from the 3rd Blastomer, the most healthy, non-translocation embryo is selected and transferred to the expectant mother, and a healthy baby can be had.

PGD FISH Day 5 From Trophetoderm

You can get service from Private Ankara Genetics as the first and only in Turkey. Based on 20 years of experience from day 5 trophecorder of the embryo, it is still possible to choose the embryo on the same day. Moreover, there is the possibility of transfer on the same day.

If you missed the genetic analysis of the embryo on the 3rd day for embryo selection, you can learn whether the embryo is healthy in terms of 13,18,21 in 6 to 12 hours with the FISH method on the 5th day.

You can have a healthy baby with Ankara Genetik as the first and only center in Turkey that performs PGD FISH from the trophecpherm on the same day.

On the 5th day, mosaicism can also be detected, since genetic analysis will be performed on multiple cell groups in the trophectoderm.

Advantages of Embryo Selection with PGD FISH Method

  • Your chance of success increases with embryo selection in IVF application,
  • Since healthy embryo selection will be made, especially your baby will be healthy in terms of genetics,
  • Most importantly, it will be a fresh new transfer with PGD-FISH. No need for freezing. Since you will receive your genetic result on the same day at Ankara Genetics, the embryo is placed in the mother's uterus without freezing,
  • Since the chromosomes(13,18,21) which are compatible with life and show mental retardation are viewed from a genetic point of view, we eliminate this risk with embryo selection,
  • We can minimize the risk of miscarriage.

2- PGS Preimplantation Genetic Screening

PGS (24 chromosomes) can be examined with trophectoderm biopsy taken from embryos formed after fertilization of eggs and sperm taken from individuals in IVF center on the 5th day.

Unlike PGT FISH, embryos have to be frozen because it will result in an average of 15 days after the trophectoderm biopsy of the embryos is taken and delivered to Ankara Genetics Laboratory. It will be transferred next time. Healthy embryo selection is made with PGS.

3- PGD for Single Gene Diseases

In order to choose healthy embryos, the family receives free consultancy from Ankara Genetics and WES analysis is performed to solve the genetic problems of individuals, and whichever gene is problematic, the mutated gene is detected in the selection of quality embryos, and this is the method in which this gene is specially looked at from the embryos. We have the opportunity to select healthy embryos by looking at a single gene.

Things to Know About Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) Method

  • There may be some technical problems during the preparation or biopsy stage.
  • Even if a successful IVF and PGD procedure is performed, pregnancy may not be positive after transfer.
  • A specific test can be performed on the biopsy cell. All genetic problems are screened with a single cell taken for testing.
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