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What are the Tests to Be Done Before Marriage?

These tests are; Blood group, Viral Hepatitis, Hemogram test, Thalassemia and SMA carrier test, which has been on the mandatory test list in recent years, are performed. Apart from these, there are genetic tests that should be done but are very important, although not mandatory. These;

What are the Tests to Be Done Before Marriage?
  1. 1Chromosome Analysis
  2. Y Chromosome Microdeletion Test
  3. Thrombophilia Panel Test (Blood Coagulation Gene Mutation Test).

Apart from these, genetic tests deemed appropriate after genetic counseling to couples can be added to this list.

How Are the Tests That Should Be Done Before Marriage?

Mandatory tests that must be done before marriage are carried out in family health centers, public health centers, public hospitals and private hospitals. However, although it is not compulsory, genetic tests that should be done can be done in private genetic diagnosis centers, research centers and city hospitals, by taking genetic counseling from a geneticist and taking into consideration the patient's family history, diseases, and consanguineous marriages in the family.

You can make an appointment at Ankara Genetic Diseases Evaluation Center by calling +9005327469336 or by sending an e-mail to the infoå e-mail address. You can learn the results within 3-5 working days by giving blood, regardless of clarity, satiety.

What Is the Purpose of Pre-Marriage Tests?

In individuals who want to have children, genetic carrier or mutation should be determined. In order not to transfer the detected carrier or mutation to the next generations, it is necessary to get pregnant with the in vitro fertilization method and by genetic selection, the embryo that does not carry carrier or mutation should be transferred to the mother. As a result of this process, the carrier and mutation will no longer be transferred and healthy generations will be formed.

For example, if one of the spouses is an SMA carrier, the other spouse should have the SMA test in order not to have a child with SMA. If the SMA carrier gene is detected in both spouses, it is necessary to become pregnant by genetic selection.

Why Are Pre-Marriage Tests Important?

It is vital to do genetic testing before marriage or having children. It is essential for early diagnosis and treatment. Considering the rate of consanguineous marriages in Turkey, it is highly likely that the carrier or mutation of one of the spouses is also the other spouse.

If both spouses are carriers, the probability of developing the disease is 25%. 25% of babies to be born are healthy and 50% are carriers. In Turkey, the rate of SMA carrier is 1 in every 40 people. Even if there is no family history, every couple who is newly married or who wants to have a child should have an SMA carrier test.

How Many Days Do Pre-Marriage Tests Take?

This time varies from institution to test. You can get all your important Genetic Test results within 3 to 5 working days at Ankara Genetic Diseases Evaluation Center. Tests that require culture, such as chromosome analysis, are concluded within 5 to 7 working days. After your tests are completed, you can get comments and opinions about your results free of charge.

Are Pre-Marriage Genetic Tests Mandatory?

SMA Carriage and Beta Thalassemia Genetic Test are mandatory. However, chromosomal analysis, Blood Coagulation Mutation and Y Chromosome Microdeletion is required although not mandatory. Knowing the problems that may arise in the future is necessary to prevent these problems and to take precautions.

Update Date: 15.06.2022
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